This is the beginning of a new age

An age that values equality over hierarchy that has no secrets, boundaries or limits. Where information flows free and the world is at your fingertips.

An age that prefers acceptance to criticism.
That doesn’t judge you for what you have achieved or for who you are to the world but embraces you for who you are to yourself.

An age that fuels possibilities instead of power, that encourages you to be your own leader, trust your own wisdom, energy and intuition.
To claim your own path and pursue it.

An age that encourages change, not status quo.
That lets you grow your body, mind and soul.
Not in order to become some sort of better you but to reconnect with your very own true self.

This is the beginning of a new age.
Coming with a tremendous speed.
The more of us who welcome the transition here and now the easier and smoother a new world will unfold.

So let us walk this journey with you and those you love, giving you tools and guidance to enrichen your everyday.
Become the powerful, loving, radiant you you were meant to be.

This is the beginning.

The Vision

The vision of our brand is to produce and sell products (starting with leisure wear) which are linked to experiences that offer ways and tools to live a more radiant life.

Radiant Being is a movement which invites and intrigues people to try new ways of living.
As an aesthetically pleasing brand we hope to attain more attention to the tools and practices we believe would be beneficial to so many more people and essentially our whole planet.

The knowledge and wisdom of these ancient practices and teachings have mostly been communicated in ways that don’t seem to fit our current lifestyle.
Too much dusty incense and mysticism.

It is time for a new platform to combine lifestyle and spirituality with an easy access. Suitable for young and old, all genders, all around the world.
A space that attracts whole families searching for a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

We invite you into the world of RadiantBeing.
Providing a well curated and heart-to-heart destination to feed your desire for a higher living.


One of the first seeds to founding RadiantBeing was planted in may 2020.

Best friends Analena and Melina, set in Motion what then was founded as the brand RadiantBeing in early 2021.

With Melinas Instagram page being her creative outlet, combining spirit and aesthetics, it actually was Analenas push to taking it up a noch and coming up with the brand idea.

Creating our brand name felt so natural and turned out to be a long time cooking vision being birthed.

We have big plans for our path as a brand but taking things slow and move with the rhythm of what feels right.

As the production and quality of our pieces are very important to us, we put a lot of research and time towards finding suitable partners and materials.

All of our first collection is out of organic cotton and ethically made in Portugal in a small family run production.

We are beyond excited to finally launch RadiantBeing and take this to the next level with all of you!

All the love, always
Analena & Melina